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Here at Chalk n' Cheese, we don't just deliver websites that look beautiful, we make sure they work beautifully as well. Robust coding, scripting, server and network security are just some of the tiny pieces in a very large puzzle we put together from the ground up for a fully functioning, strong website your business can rely on.

Web/Website Design Company in Auckland

Table of Content

  • Creating, building, and connecting a website worth having
  • Why does my business need a website?
  • What exactly is Website Development?
  • Website development services
  • Our website development process
  • The Technical Development
  • The cost of website development services
Website development

Creating, building, and connecting a website worth having

Functional. Modern. User Experience Driven. 

Just a few words that come to mind when describing the website development you can expect from our team of experts at Chalk n’ Cheese. We ensure your business enjoys full functionality, easy navigation, and no dark holes in your website structure. No more having to choose from a bunch of acceptable templates, you get to choose your bespoke website and have it built from the ground up to include all the features you want, and none that you don’t.

We specialise in building custom websites, powerful e-commerce website design NZ, and advanced customer experience-driven adventures online. We pride ourselves on being imaginative with our strategies, and we can’t wait to apply this skill in order to help you get the results that you want from your website. No matter how big or small you deem your business to be, a structurally robust website will get you on the right path to grow your brand online.

Beat your competitors online with the latest innovations and most up-to-date digital tools at your disposal. 

Why does my business need a website?

When considering taking your business online to reach more customers with the services you provide, you will need a website. It is as simple as that. Customers need somewhere to go to visit your online store, and without a fully functional website, there could be some customer concern about the legitimacy of your store if you do not hold some online real estate to home your business. It takes a fair bit for a user to purchase products or services online, or take the action that you want them to, as non-face-to-face transactions are naturally less trustworthy. You want to make sure that your business is as legitimate as possible, and that you let your potential customers find you easily and complete the action that you wish them to take. Chalk n’ Cheese’s experienced developers can assist you every step of the way when building a bespoke website design NZ just for you and your business needs.

Our services also include,

Increasing awareness of your products or services

Selling said products or services

Generating sales leads for your business

Increasing the popularity of your brand online.

Maintaining communication between yourself and your potential customers

Difference between design and development

What exactly is Website Development?

Web development for agencies can refer to anything from creating a single plain text webpage to develop a complex website or social network. It is the technical building side of a web digital auckland which makes sure that it actually works, whereas the design side focuses on how the website looks.

In a nutshell:

Website Development: Refers to the work that goes into building a website from the ground up. They often take a website design NZ cost and then make it functional so when you click something, you end up in the right place. Web development tasks include server-side scripting, client-side scripting, network, and server security configuration, E-commerce development, and (CMS) content management system development.

Website Design: Designers use creative design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create all the visual elements of a website including layouts, logos, colour schemes etc.

Basics of Web Development

Websites (files stored on servers)

IP address (internet protocol)

HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol)

Coding (includes special commands, punctuations, abbreviations, language)



CMS (content management system)

our services

Website development services

We offer a large array of services that branch across both development and the design to create a top-of-the-line website. Starting with a consultation, we find out exactly what you want out of your website and we work together to build a platform that strives to exceed those goals.

We promise to create a website that is creatively rich and technically outstanding. We don’t think your business deserves any less!

Take a look at some of the services included in our packages.

Web development

Brand identity

Web hosting


Social media marketing

Responsive mobile-based sites

Web and mobile applications

Web and digital strategy

State of the art and creative web designing

Custom product pages design

Website fixes

Plugin and security updates

Fully customizes layouts

Newsletter integration

Slider graphics

Server maintenance

Website optimisation

The building Process

Our website development process

The process of building a website is not always a straight forward journey. Each development phase takes time and testing. Every build is bespoke based on the type of website you want, the resources required, and the immense amount of code language writing needed to make it all work.

Peruse the step-by-step breakdown of our building process

1) Planning and creating a sitemap:

Every website starts with research and a plan. This allows us to begin building a wireframe or sitemap. It is merely a vision for the site that gives us a place to start from. Just like a business plan, we take into account your goals and what you need from the functionality of the site.

A sitemap gives the developer and designer an idea of what you want ultimately, and the information needed to formulate that vision.

2) Writing the website code:

The next step our team takes is to write the code of your website. Websites are made up nearly entirely of code and the developers will use various coding languages to suit both front-end and back-end of your website. Coding creates different functionalities and interactivity of the site, and eventually all talks to each other in order to run your site properly.

Some commonly used coding languages that appear on most websites include:

    • HTML (hypertext markup language)
    • CSS (cascading style sheets)
    • JavaScript

3) Building the backend of the website:

Backend coders are the superheroes of the web. Backend development language handles all of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workings of web applications and features. This will never be seen by users, but users will never see a website without it. Without excellent back end coding, the site simply will not function.

The back end code handles data that enables the functionality on the front-end. Back end web development lays the foundational code that enables websites to process actions that a viewer takes on the front end of the website and delivers the correct information in return.

The front end code, on the other hand, designs the interface which includes how the site looks to its users. Neither works without the other, so it’s our job to write and untangle any language barriers while we write this code.


4) Design:

The time has come to determine the look of your website. Your target audience is one of the major factors you will have taken into consideration. This is where we implement elements like brand logos, colours and visual style to help strengthen your identity on a website. A web digital designer will create a prototype design mostly in JPG images, and make the final decision on the visuals once you have gone through the mock-ups of the site and given your approval.

5) Content creation and management:

After the actual site is built, you can start writing content to fill each page. Utilising powerful SEO tools will help pages get more focused on single topics so they can be found easily via search engines.

6) Testing:

Now the site is built, the content is written, and you have got all of your pages ready with visual elements as they would be displayed to a visitor to your site. It is time to make sure it all works! Testing takes place on different devices and platforms to check for any broken links, script errors, or visual obscurities. Once all the fixes have been made, your website is ready for the world.

7) Launch:

Time to plan and execute the website’s launch! The exciting part! The timing will be decided based on the plan so it meets the right audience with a bang!

development insight

The Technical Development

The experienced team at Chalk n’ Chese specialise in the beginning-to-end production of impressive websites. We have a programmer, developer, and designer for every step you need for a complete product. We break down some more of the developmental areas for complete transparency, so you know exactly what we are talking about and working on at every step.

Front-end development:

Front-end developers work with customers or the user-facing side of programs, websites, and software. They small business website design and develop visual aspects from the navigation, layouts, graphics, and other important aesthetics. The developers also work on user interfaces, determining exactly what the customer will be seeing and interacting with at their end.

Backend development:

Backend development focuses on the server-side of the website and as previously mentioned, works hand in hand with front end development. The developers will work on system coding, servers, APIs, operating systems, and databases. They manage the code for content, security, and site structure. These back end magicians make sure that your website works the way it should.

Desktop development:

Desktop development is the area where developers specialise in creating software that works on desktop devices such as OS, Windows, Mac, and more.

Mobile development:

Mobile development works closely with desktop development to create a site that functions well across all platforms. This part makes sure that your website can be viewed by the huge number of users visiting websites via their smartphones.

Embedded development:

Embedded development works with all hardware that is not a computer. It includes consumer devices, electronic interfaces, IoT devices, real-time systems, and much more. With the rise of IoT and connected devices, this developer skill has also become the in-demand service right now.

E-commerce development:

If the website application is an online store that sells products or services, then its development is likely to be referred to as an E-commerce site. This type of application development process is quite complicated due to the need to get the various payment capabilities functioning correctly. The last thing you want is your customers facing complications when trying to actually buy your products or services. The lack of a robust e-commerce platform can result in loss of sales and a reduction of trust in your small business web designs auckland.

The developers must also create a well-structured management panel for the administrator to use for listing new products, updating them, deleting entries, and managing applications as well.


The cost of website development services

If you are planning to build your business online, it is vital to pick the right team to do it.

The average cost of website development in Auckland varies greatly, depending on which agency you choose.

In saying that, every business and its needs are hugely varied so every package and our pricing option is completely customisable to suit the size of your business and its requirements.

To find out exactly how much you could expect to pay for website development services, contact one of our expert team at Chalk n’ Cheese for a commitment-free consultation.

It’s time to get your business online and thriving!


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