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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in Auckland

Does your business need marketing on social media? We are the specialists that can help grow your influence online!

The benefits of marketing on social media are massive - and by ‘massive’, I mean they reach the MASSES. The world lives online, especially now, and the opportunity to connect with more customers than ever is an opportunity too good to pass up! Our dedicated Auckland based team has clients nationwide, and are ready to add you their list of successful social media businesses.

Bringing technology, creativity, and profitability together

Building a thriving brand on social media

Building brand awareness is easier than ever with the right tools at your fingertips. Instead of having to knock on one household’s door at a time, you can knock on potentially millions at a time (3.5 billion people are online using social media as of 2020, how’s that for food for thought?) Here’s the kicker though…how do you know that what you put out online is ever going to be read? Or even looked at? At Chalk n' Cheese, we have a ton of experience making sure businesses have great content on their social media pages that is being seen regularly and engaged with by the right crowd. Having great content is the first step to converting clicks, likes, and comments into sales!

Social Media is the monster that has taken over the social world as we know it. Half of your friends are online friends, and a portion of the rest are still too busy to catch up in the real world because they are running their online empires. Everything is online, and everyone is connected – at all times. Social media has not only become the go-to place for personal relationships and sharing our lives with one another, but it has also become an efficient means of communicating between businesses and potential customers. The party is online, everyone is there, and your business is now invited!

But why is social media marketing so important? Why do you need to spend time creating a Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn account for your business? Does it really work for all businesses?

Let’s explore the possibilities!

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What is it

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of creating compelling content and use it to promote on various social media platforms that will help connect your audience to increase sales, build a brand, and drive website traffic. Of course, it involves publishing fantastic content to post on your social media profiles, listening and engaging with your followers, analyzing the results, and running social advertisements as well.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect businesses with new customers, increase sales, build a brand, and drive people to visit websites. This process is highly creative and involves regularly publishing entertaining and informative content on social media profiles, interacting with the page’s followers, analysing results, running social media advertising campaigns, and generally listening to what the public has to say about your brand.

Here are some of the major current social media platforms able to be utilised for business –








Each social media platform has its own in-depth set of management features that help even unfamiliar users navigate some of the business features. However, for all the features to be fully utilised and to understand why they need to be, an expert in social media marketing is a worthwhile investment to assist you with your goals. That’s where we come in. Our team at Chalk n’ Cheese are experienced social media marketers and can help you find the best strategy, platforms, and content plans suited for your particular business.

Types of Social Media

What kinds of social media can you expect us to create?

Social media marketing boosts sales like nothing else, and there’s plenty of platforms to choose from. They all serve slightly different purposes and have different demographics as the main customer base. All of them have their own rules, management tools and ways of working which can all get a bit confusing when you try to do them all at once! We will help you expertly zoom in on the customers you want, find out what platforms they are using and utilise the features of those particular platforms. Our main platforms for online marketing include -

Social networking (Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn)

Microblogging (Tumblr, and Twitter).

Photo sharing (Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Video sharing (Facebook live, YouTube, and Vimeo).

If these platforms are new to you – great! It’s our business to help you navigate these social media platforms and make sure you get the best out of them. If you are familiar with social media but aren’t sure how to market your products and services on them efficiently – great! We do that too! We take the guesswork out of digital and social media marketing so that you can focus on the more important things in your day. No more looking over your shoulder to check that your customers are still following you on your journey – we make sure that they are!

Building a plan

Designing the perfect plan

A social media account is just an empty shell without a plan in place. Awkward starts and fumbles can cost you potential customers, that is why a complete and results-driven plan has to be put in place early.
We pride ourselves in creating custom, intuitive goal-focused plans for your business and its particular needs.

In the fast-moving digital age, we stay up-to-date with the latest and most innovative technology to make sure your business has access to the latest strategies and marketing tools in order to maintain your customer base. We break down our social media marketing approach into some simple steps –


No post is left to chance. Nothing is random. No two brands are the same, so no two strategies should be the same! Let us put in place a plan to optimise your business and the customers you connect with, when you connect with them and how you connect with them. (So hands off that POST button!)

Before we even begin to post content for your viewers, we need to look at the big picture for your business, which includes:

Your long-term business goals

Your short-term business goals

Identifying your target audience

Which social media platforms you want to focus on

The type of content you want to share

The kind of voice you want your business to have

Once you know your brand, what you want from it, and what you expect from it, a strategy can be born for online marketing so that the right people are seeing the right posts. Without a strategy, you might as well be shouting into the wind.

Planning and Publishing

Now that you have your strategy, you know what you want to say, and how you want to say it – we figure out WHEN you say it. Be it useful information, an offer, image or video – you don’t have to post it right then and there for immediate release. Scheduling and planning posts can be done long in advance, so you don’t have to remember at 8am the next morning to post a particular piece of content. It’s done, you can relax as it posts automatically while you enjoy your morning coffee. Being consistent with your content allows your customers to consistently engage with what you have to offer, falling off the posting wagon can cause people to forget about you entirely.


Whether you are publishing regularly, engaging in online conversations, or putting ads out to the world for your services – you want to know how well the marketing is working, right? The right content can reach millions of people, and it’d be great to know whether that is happening. All social media platforms have varying degrees of trackable engagements, basic information, and click rates so you can get a good picture on how well your content is performing. Analytic tools are your friend, and social media platforms have them in spades.

Listening and Engagement

As expected, as your business grows, so does your online following. More people are aware of your brand, and more people are directly interacting with what you are offering. Conversations include your brand name, comments pop up on your posts, people like your content, and even share it among their friends which is essentially free advertising.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to track and collate such interactions so you don’t have to guess wildly at how far your business is reaching.


This may seem like a no brainer, good social media adverts generate clicks. The more clicks you get, the more sales you get. Each platform has its own form of advertising potential and features and they all come with their own rules which we are well versed in. Social media advertising is powerful and can be used to target specific demographics, be it their interests, financial situation, behaviours, and more without making it obvious they are the ones being targeted. Running effective, clever adverts can boost your clicks exponentially with options to optimise and automatise which can create massive changes to your business.


Benefits of social media marketing

If what has been said already hasn't turned your head, we encourage you to get in touch to find out exactly how the benefits directly affect your business. We understand businesses are all unique and need different plans of attack. Find the main general benefits of social media marketing below

Increasing brand awareness

With 3.5 billion people using social media all over the world, brand awareness should just be a given right, with that many people? Somebody is going to notice you, right? Not exactly… with so many companies vying for the public’s attention, many get lost in the noise.

Good social media marketing has a proven track record in boosting brand awareness by driving social engagement with the use of likes, comments, shares, and re-postings. Being able to include direct links to your website, profile, posts, and more made this little scheme so easy to involve your customers in the active growth in your brand. Think of the public as valued partners, if you don’t give them the opportunity to participate with your company then they will find a different company that will.

Generate leads and boost conversions

Whether your potential customers are here in Auckland, or anywhere else in the world at all – they can be found and measured based on what they click on, comment on, and share. Conversions refer to any activity in which a customer interacts with your content, as small as clicking on something you have shared.

Building intelligent, provocative, and useful content that your customers will love – and engage with online – is a measurable way to figure out how many potential clients your business is generating and reaching. More clients reached = more clients buying the products that you provide. Creating interesting content from an active brand account prompts your consumers to interact with posts – by liking the post, commenting, and even sharing it with their friends – at no extra cost to you which creates more leads for sales! Free advertising sounds good, right? Every interaction leads to more potential clients, more potential clients getting good vibes off of your branding leads to trust, and trust leads to those clients actually investing in what you’re selling!

Fostering relationships with customers

Customers that see you regularly post content they enjoy, relate to and share are more likely to take action with your business than people who have no interaction with your brand. Potential customers need to see you regularly – and consistently for your brand to stick in the back of their minds. Equally, when every offer you make is backed up by truth, customers begin to trust and believe in your brand. Fostering personable relationships with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of clients may seem like a huge ask – but it really isn’t. We guide you in your plan on how to respond to queries and comments en masse from your customers to build trust and confidence in your brand that can last a lifetime.

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Our services

Social media marketing services

Having an active social media strategy can be a busy job. That is the reason our team at Chalk n’ Cheese offers full SEO (Search engine optimisation) services, website business objectives, digital marketing, and social media marketing strategy to establish all your goals from one place. We can help identify your target audience, create share-worthy content, and finally integrate your social account with all other aspects of your online influence.

Here are some more of our technical social media services to consider:

Digital and social media advertising

Social media strategy

Social media campaigns

Content creation and development

Paid social advertising

Chatbot creation

Competition research

Social media audits

Running cross-channel campaigns

Community management

Reputation management

Social media analytics and insights

Custom services that suit your budget and requirements

Social media budget establishment

Testing and adjustments to strategies

Existing profile improvement

Customisable Prices

Our social media marketing prices

Our social media marketing services are not a one size fits all, we take the time to evaluate your business needs and do our research to make sure that we have an adequate ad budget to be able to get your social media marketing campaign to generate a positive ROI.


Talk to us about your next Social Media Marketing project!

Our team of social media marketing experts have ranked hundreds of competitive keywords on Google's top result page. We specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework, and will work closely with you each step of the process. We create powerful Social Media Marketing strategies that will generate results. Enhance your marketing strategy by appearing in front of the people who actually want to know about your business. Find them today with our help!