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Partner with a Shopify Website Professional to get your business selling online!

Shopify is the world leader in online selling, with easy-to-use functionality and a whopping 100,000 users worldwide - you are in safe company when choosing to put your business onto the Shopify platform! If you want to be in the business of selling online goods or digital services, choose our Shopify website developers to get your e-commerce business up and running without a hitch. They do all the designing, optimising and mental heavy lifting that goes into building the perfect Shopify design for you - so that you don’t have to!

But I’ve heard that Shopify is easy to use by myself,

What do I need a Shopify developer for?

We’re glad you asked!

Even though Shopify does boast a fantastically user-friendly design tool, you still need to understand why and how the options and strategies work – or don’t work, when it comes to utilising the right set of Shopify apps and features on offer for your particular business. Every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ magical solution – even on Shopify. You may think your business is doing great on Shopify, but the truth is, it could be doing EVEN BETTER.

A professional developer who is versed in creating Shopify accounts for many different industries knows the ins and outs of the program and what it can offer, bespoke to different markets, business sizes and financial goals. Having so many options on Shopify can lead you down some rabbit holes that aren’t applicable to your particular business’s bottom line growth which wastes time and potential earnings. A developer can help guide you through the right pathways and optimise every sale you are after by using the right tools. Simple as that. And again, this is so you don’t have to waste valuable time learning to use a brilliant online tool when there is a developer ready to do it all for you!


Shopify is a great use of a developer

The use of custom code on your Shopify is a great use of a developer who can graft specific code to better serve your store’s needs instead of just choosing from the existing apps and features. Being such a versatile platform works in your favour so you can have the exact functionality that you want with the help of a Shopify website development expert!

Here at Chalk N’ Cheese, our tiny but mighty team of experts handle all things Shopify, so that your online business can boom with minimal effort on your part! Get in touch with one of our Shopify Website Developers today, tell them what you want to achieve, and start seeing changes to your bottom line!

Benefits of Shopify

What Can Shopify Do For My Business?

Listed here are just a few of the kind of WordPress services we provide

Shopify is the go-to trusted platform everyone is using to sell their online goods and services – and we mean everyone! 100,000 online businesses worldwide are pouring their goods into the platform ready to be sold across multiple different online avenues to connect with millions of potential customers every day! Between 2016-2019 alone, Shopify generated $319 BILLION in sales for its clients – we’d say that’s a club you’d like to be a part of, no?

A Shopify account allows you to market to and sell your digital or physical products via websites, Facebook, Instagram and multiple other marketplaces without it being a navigation pain for your customers. They don’t have to link to a link that links to yet another link where they can finally buy your product – not with Shopify. The intelligent and innovative shopping solution makes it easy for customers to part with their cash with minimal effort on their part – which makes for easy sales! Our Shopify Website experts know how to turn your potential earnings into actual earnings by utilising this handy little tool gifted to the world by Shopify’s platform.

While Shopify is very popular for its functionality, it’s also incredibly popular for its visually appealing and innovative designs! With a Shopify expert at hand to help – you can really put your personal stamp on your shop’s appearance! Even though your payment page lives under the Shopify umbrella, it looks like your brand, talks in your voice, and delivers to your consumers the professional and reliable service that you want them to have!

Features Of Shopify

With the vast selection of functions and apps that a Shopify expert can set up for your store, it’s no wonder people are teaming up with a Shopify developer to get the absolute most out of Shopify to not miss out on the benefits of making maximum changes to your bottomline. Clever use of Shopify is absolutely key, and our team at Chalk n Cheese are expert partners so that you get exactly what you want out of your Shopify experience. The following are just some of the features a Shopify expert can help you utilise to the best of its ability!

Unlimited product capability

Gift card capability

Manual order creations

Detailed finance reports

Shopify point of sale app for iOS and Android (for in-person sales instore)

Discount Codes

Calculated carrier shipping

SSL certificate (keeps all customer and server information secure during a transaction)

Unlimited bandwidth and online storage

Fraud Analysis

Staff Accounts

Customer support

Abandoned cart recovery (sends auto emails to customers who leave your site with items in their cart)

Overview Dashboard

Advanced customer reporting


Talk to us about growing your business with Shopify!

Once you’ve decided that Shopify is the way you want to go with your business (and we have to agree, it’s a fantastic move!), the next step is to contact one of our dedicated team to discuss all of your requirements! Tell us what you want, what you don’t want, and we can fill in the gaps and help you learn more about any other options which may perfect for your particular model. No two businesses are the same, so each individual stage of Shopify development gets its own special treatment from our experienced team! You get the final say and we make sure it all works for you the way that it should! Take charge of your customer’s shopping experience today and get in touch with a Shopify expert you know you can rely on today!

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