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SEO Experts | SEO Specialist Company in Auckland, NZ

High Traffic Keyword SEO

Build your brand credibility, get higher conversion rates, and establish your brand!

Based in Auckland and with clients across Tauranga, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Nelson, to name a few places, we are a bunch of Kiwi digital marketers who operate New Zealand wide to help Kiwi businesses increase their organic search engine rankings, increase traffic and consequentially increase leads to their website. Once your keyword ranking have been achieved we constantly hunt for new high traffic keywords to add to the mix, talk to one of our SEO strategists today about how to get chalked up to the top of Google's search results.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the practice of optimising your website in order to gain organic (otherwise known as un-paid) traffic from a search engine page such as Google or Bing. Search Engines are built to ping back results to a customer based on what keywords they type in when seeking a service or product. By optimising your website to include the most common searched words relating to the content on your website, you optimise the amount of visitors you draw to your website. We’ll work with you to improve your website’s ability to be found so that you can find your way onto those highly sought after first few results on Google, without having to pay per click.

Competitive High Traffic Keywords

Local & National Keywords

We’re your local SEO company with staff operating in Auckland & Tauranga, with clients all over New Zealand. We are not afraid to tackle hard-to-rank competitive keywords if we believe they will provide the best results for your business.


Google Webmaster Tools Implementation

We guarantee to fast track your progress within the ever evolving framework set out by search engines providers to ensure you receive sustainable results.


SEO Copywriting

Our dedicated SEO copywriters specialise in professional SEO copywriting that will support your business objectives by offering content which satisfies the needs of your potential customers while improving your ranking with search engine providers such as Google and Bing through relevancy and authority.


Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

To ensure you get the competitive edge over your classmates, we will also analyse your rivals’ campaigns and the keywords they are using and adopt our strategy accordingly.


Full Website Audit

We perform a full audit of your website, including your meta descriptions, Google Places setup and UX Design tips to improve your user experience.


Google Analytics Tool Implementation

Sure – getting you on the first page of Google is great, but what’s the point unless it’s getting you more visitors! We will track your traffic, so we can find out what is getting you the most leads and adjust our implementation as we go.

The Chalk N' Cheese Difference

We guarantee to rank on page 1 for 70% of your keywords after 6 months! If not, we will work for free until that happens!

Being a good SEO company isn’t just about checking the search engine guideline tick boxes using cheesy practices which often end up damaging your rankings in the long run. Delivering relevant content that fulfills the needes of potential customers goes goes arm in arm with being a search engine friendly website. With that in mind, we recognise that while SEO is a long-term investment, we don’t expect you to wait forever.
*That is why if we don’t get your website ranked on page 1 for at least 70% of your keywords after 6 months, we will work for free until we get you there!

Management Skills

Your Business Deserves This

Core Values

Why choose us?


We offer flexible long and short term contracts to suit your needs, and a 3-month trial to deliver the leads your business deserves. If worst comes to worst and we aren’t the agency for you, we have a 30-day cancellation notice – easy as that. When the risk is this low, what is there to lose?


We take accountability very seriously and refuse to drop the blame on someone else’s head if something doesn’t go right. Honesty is the best policy, and we promise to be your go-to team that you know you can trust while managing your online campaigns.


We believe that the ‘best client’ is not necessarily the one that spends the most money. In an inflated industry, we charge only the hours needed to deliver the services you want. That means you can always trust our prices to reflect your best interests, and that incidentally allows us to be one of the most affordable Auckland based digital agencies on the market.



Always a pleasure working with Chris & Brendon. They actually care about the businesses they work with and bring a fresh and effective approach to the solutions they offer.

Michael & Angela Van Vliet Owner & Operator


Awesome team who understand modern marketing and social media, highly recommended!

Jared Gillard Sales Manager Red Baron Motorcycles


A great team and impeccable product delivery every time!

Jamie Reynolds Owner & Operator


Talk to us about your next SEO project!

Our team of SEO experts have ranked hundreds of competitive keywords on Google's top result page. We specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework, and will work closely with you each step of the process. We create powerful search engine optimisation strategies that will generate results. Enhance your marketing strategy by appearing in front of the people who actually want to know about your business. Find them today with our help!