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What Are Facebook Conversion Ads & How Can They Help Your Business?


Facebook Conversions ads is Facebook's best campaign type for high quality lead generation.

The Facebook Ad platform is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools available in the digital advertising world. In the past few years Facebook has really upped their game by making available great targeting segments to suit the needs of just about any industry.

Benefits of Facebook Conversion ad campaigns:

Control your content & brand by using your own landing page.

See exactly which ad variation works best for your campaigns.

Re-target based on specific page views.

Relatively high barrier to entry compare to Facebook Integrated Lead forms making leads higher quality.

The Case Study

Our team has run over a thousand campaigns across hundreds of industries. Talk to us & find out if Facebook is a good fit for you.

The Background

The client approached us after having already run a Facebook campaign which did not convert into sales due to poor lead quality.

We were tested to consider all available digital channels for our client to determine the cheapest and best source of leads for them.

The Aproach

After conducting market research and evaluating our client’s previous ads. We took a deep dive to better understand what our customer segment was searching for when looking at renovating their home. Facebook’s available cold audience segments ticked all the right boxes for a successful campaign. We went ahead and created a landing page and short video showcase of their work. The video was put in place to create a custom audience for our campaign while the landing page served as the main source of data collection for the campaign.

The Results (over the first 30 day period)

The Ads appeared 24,722 times

The Ads were clicked 775 times

The Ads produced 22 leads

2.8% of the clicks converted into leads

Each leads cost $23.65


We find that there is a key digital channel for every industry, yours might be Facebook. Talk to us to find out more.

We kept Improving cause that what we do!

Unlike traditional methods of advertising, the launch of a digital ad is only the beginning of the journey.

We looked at what the data was telling us then implemented key adjustments to improve the performance of the campaign’s key objective to generate more leads and reduce the cost per lead.

then we improved some more 😉

We used the data from the video views campaign and created a custom audience for the conversion campaign.
We also used the same video data to create a lookalike audience.
We paused the ad variations which were not feeding out and implemented new creative variances and CTAs to continue a/b testing.
We also created new audience segments to also a/b test.

The Improved Results (over a 30 day period)

The Ads appeared 44,987 times

The Ads were clicked 1255 times

The Ads produced 34 leads (55% increase)

Each lead cost $18.23

We reduced the cost per lead by 23%


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