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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - lead generation

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Does Your Business Need Marketing on Social Media? We Are the Specialists That Can Help Grow Your Influence Online!

The benefits of social media marketing are massive - and by ‘massive’, I mean they reach the MASSES. The world lives online, especially now, and the opportunity to connect with more customers than ever offers huge revenue potential! Our dedicated Auckland based team specialises in social media marketing, and has many clients nationwide, and are ready to help you take your business sky-high. Building brand awareness is easier than ever with the right tools. Instead of having to knock on one household’s door at a time, you can knock on potentially millions at a time (3.5 billion people are online using social media as of 2020, how’s that for food for thought?) Here’s the kicker though…how do you know that what you put out online is ever going to be read? Or even looked at? At Chalk n Cheese, we have a ton of experience making sure businesses not only have great content on their social media, but that they are getting seen by the right public.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Ads

In today’s busy online society, most businesses have come to understand that they need to invest in social media marketing to keep up with the competition. Running successful marketing campaigns through Facebook reaches a mass market not available anywhere else, which means a lot of potential customers for your products and services. Here at Chalk N Cheese Digital, our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest marketing experts live and breathe social media every day. We know how to get your business onto these platforms, stay up-to-date with new ideas to market your brand, and return great results!

Conversion Campaign

Turning Conversions into Gold

Conversion Campaigns help you drive actions on your website, those actions are your goals - what you want from your customers. Each goal can be customised to your particular business needs. For instance. If your goal is for customers to add products to their cart, that is a conversion. If your ideal action is that they sign up for a subscription, again, another conversion. This persuasive campaign type holds your potential customer's hand through every step of the way, every click of a button so that they find themselves from the introduction of your company all the way to the 'Buy Now' button.

Messenger Campaigns

Start Conversations With Your Audience

1.3 billion people use Facebook messenger every month, 1.3 billion... let that sink in. That's a lot of conversations. Luckily for you, we know how to narrow down potential customers for your brand and start a messenger campaign designed to start conversations with your customers, build trust, and encourage engagement with your brand. These adverts work just like other adverts across other Facebook platforms and are very affordable solutions for getting your business onto the global stage.

Lead Generation Campaign

Build Your Potential Customer Database

We often use this popular campaign, as it is hugely beneficial. The process involves identifying relevant and interested potential buyers before you even try to pitch your product to them. Facebook offers a pre-filled in form customers can submit if they are interested in your business, and that is the same as someone putting their hand up in a crowd when asked if they might actually want this service. There is little point in advertising services to the wrong crowd. This campaign makes sure that you don't.

Content Campaigns

Creating Quality Content That Drives Engagement

It doesn't matter if a potential client sees your brand a thousand times, they won't become a customer unless they engage with your brand. By creating relevant and entertaining content for your client base, you creates interest in your brand, which generates leads or sales. We optimise this crucial step for you as part of a robust marketing plan, ensuring that your brand continues to build interest in order to gain loyal customers.

Thru Play Video Campaign

Creative Videos to Generate Interest

Customers sometimes need to be exposed to a brand a minimum of 3 times to take action, and that can sound like a lot of wasted advertising. Quality video advertising is a great way to approach potential customers with something interesting to engage with. Here's the best part - with a Thru Play campaign on Facebook, you can opt only to pay for the video advert if a customer actually watches it through til the end! That means no paying for something that isn't getting seen!

Remarketing Campaigns

Strategy to Reignite Interest

We all have been targets of a remarketing campaign, it's everywhere. Ever been casually browsing items on a website, and then, all of sudden you see similar items being advertised to you on Facebook? Yep. That's remarketing. The purpose of it is to reignite the interest of the consumer and bring them back to finish the conversion, sale, sign up, or whatever the call to action of that page was. It is an effective way to reclaim bounced visitors and turn them into customers, increase your brand awareness as well as solidifying SEO and marketing efforts. It's a little nudge reminder to the customer to finish what they started, often being presented in new ways to convince them to complete it. Clever, oh so clever.

Management Skills

Your Business Deserves This

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

Based in Auckland but with clients nationwide including Tauranga, Christchurch, Wellington, and Nelson, our team at Chalk N Cheese are a bunch of Kiwi digital marketers who operate New Zealand wide to help Kiwi businesses generate leads from their Social Media marketing campaigns. You understand your customers and we understand marketing campaigns so engaging in a partnership allows both of these specialties to come together and create amazing results for your brand. Take the guesswork out of your future success by talking to one of our strategists today about how to chalk those great ideas into results.


We offer flexible long and short term contracts to suit your needs, and a 3-month trial to deliver the leads your business deserves. If worst comes to worst and we aren’t the agency for you, we have a 30-day cancellation notice – easy as that. When the risk is this low, what is there to lose?


We take accountability very seriously and refuse to drop the blame on someone else’s head if something doesn’t go right. Honesty is the best policy, and we promise to be your go-to team that you know you can trust while managing your online campaigns.


We believe that the ‘best client’ is not necessarily the one that spends the most money. In an inflated industry, we charge only the hours needed to deliver the services you want. That means you can always trust our prices to reflect your best interests, and that incidentally allows us to be one of the most affordable Auckland based digital agencies on the market.


Our clients have chosen us because our team is comprised of experts in various fields of digital marketing so that you only require one central point of contact for all your digital marketing needs. If you can think of it, we can do it, and if we can’t – we know someone qualified who can. Working across multiple channels means that we are not covetous and will always find the right service for your business. Our multi-channel advert strategy approach is thorough and utilises many minds to achieve a common goal for you to receive the best results possible.



Always a pleasure working with Chris & Brendon. They actually care about the businesses they work with and bring a fresh and effective approach to the solutions they offer.

Michael & Angela Van Vliet Owner & Operator


Awesome team who understand modern marketing and social media, highly recommended!

Jared Gillard Sales Manager Red Baron Motorcycles


A great team and impeccable product delivery every time!

Jamie Reynolds Owner & Operator


Talk to us about your next campaign!

Here at Chalk n' Cheese we specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework and will work closely with you each step of the process from concept to post campaign analysis to create a powerful social media marketing campaign that will generate results. Whether those goals are to grow your audience and get people to follow and like your business. Drive visits to your online store leveraging the channel potential customers feel comfortable being communicated in. Provide the ideal format for offering value to your audience through offers/promotions. Capture leads to increase your customer database using targeted ads that put your brand in front of your key customer profile groups. Generate ROI positive sales directly from your Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest campaigns. Enhance your marketing strategy by tapping into what Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn knows about your customers to personalise your message and solve their needs.